Public Art and Commissions

Displaying My Creations in Public Spaces Beyond Galleries

Arteco Fox

The sculpture below was an extraordinary opportunity! I was asked by the owners of the original FOX Theater in Pomona California to create a wall sculpture for the lobby in their main offices. They had been saving the seat springs from the original FOX theater seats believing someday they’d create something with them. This theater was used to screen Hollywood movies in the early to mid 1900’s meaning the likes of John Wayne, Clark Gable or Greta Garbo and Rita Hayworth likely sat in them! Asked to create something of a city scene, below is what I created.

Gestural Albers

The picture below, Gestural Albers, was large wood sculpture for Peoria Arizona’s monthly event titled “Second Saturdays”. There were no requirements or restrictions with what I could create. The piece ended up to be large enough for people to walk into and have selfies taken through the cut outs. The cut outs also provided a way for an individual to see most of the colors from on vantage point by looking through all of the cut outs. This led me to title the piece as a tip-of-the-hat to the famous color artists, Josef Albers.


I had three sculptures outdoors in Scottsdale Arizona for an annual show called INFLUX June 2020 through February 2022. This was a great experience in that I was able to work with a city’s art department and structural engineers making sure my pieces are stable and would be able to stand up to the summer monsoon winds. It tested my abilities to problem solve which is something I see as one of the greatest strengths in artistic practice.